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Security Services

We create security solutions that enable individuals and organisations to effectively manage their security risks. Our skills are specific and fine-tuned from years of experience. We regard ourselves as leaders in the field of "black screen" off site event monitoring and specialised security services as set out below.

  • Remote Monitoring illustration
  • Risk Management
  • Security, Quality & Compliance Management
  • Specialised Security Services
  • Remote Monitoring

    Our Events Based Monitoring Platform consolidates all monitoring activities from any source. Events are managed from onsite alarms triggered by everything from Physical Inputs, Standard House Alarms, Intelligent Video Analytics, Electrified Fences, and GPS devices.
    • 24 hour control center
    • Highly trained control operators
    • Designed to complement current security investments
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  • Risk Management & Consulting

    Astrosec provide skilled consultants who advise and assist the client with regards to their security requirements. Risk assessments will guide the client toward making informed decisions regarding their specific needs, and Astrosec will offer turnkey solutions providing the most appropriate security coverage.
  • Security, Quality & Compliance Management

    Who polices the police? Astrosec provide independent guard monitoring, unannounced after hours inspections, panic button monitoring and management, patrol system monitoring and management, and keep you fully informed of the quality of the physical security services you are paying for in the form of detailed monthly reports.
    • Independent guard monitoring
    • Unannounced after hours inspections
    • Panic button monitoring and management
    • Patrol system monitoring and management
    • Detailed monthly reports
  • Specialised security services

    Licence Plate Recognition

    Astrosec provides state of the art Licence Plate Recognition Systems, that can immediately inform the people that need to know, of suspect vehicles which may be entering premises, or moving in the proximity of vulnerable locations.

    Covert Camera Solutions

    Being able to monitor people when they think no one is watching has proven invaluable to our clients. We provide a complete in-house solution, from supplying and installing the system, to reviewing and reporting on the images.

    Scenario Testing

    Any system needs to be tested to ensure its fit for purpose, installed correctly and actively monitored. Our inspectorate is specifically trained and equipped to conduct specific scenario and intrusion testing while ensuring the confidentiality of the results.


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