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    Remote Monitoring

    Remote Black Screen monitoring is the function whereby alarm signals generated by CCTV cameras, electric fences and a host of related equipment are streamed from a location at the clients site, to a 24 hour control center, where our highly trained control operators verify, analyse, respond to, and manage emergencies in real time.

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Remote Black Screen Monitoring

Our Events Based Monitoring Platform consolidates all monitoring activities from any source. Events are managed from onsite alarms triggered by everything from Physical Inputs, Standard House Alarms, Intelligent Video Analytics, Electrified Fences, and GPS devices.

It is designed to complement the investment you might have already made in your existing security infrastructure with the widest integration library in the industry allowing you the purchasing freedom to select "best of breed" security products for your operations. Our systems improve effectiveness while driving down costs and reducing the number of personnel required.

Service Advantages

  • Systems that are monitored live 24/7 by trained, emergency management personnel.
  • Immediate reaction versus a delayed response.
  • Black Screen Monitoring that protects your privacy.
  • Smartphone and desktop applications for personal access and control.
  • Dedicated help desk to provide a personalised service and assist in any way after an emergency event.


  • Systems cost is dependent on current alarm and CCTV infrastructure.

" ...cost effective and independent solution without compromising on security and safety. "


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