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    Security, Quality & Compliance Management

    Who polices the police? Astrosec provide independent guard monitoring, unannounced after hours inspections, panic button monitoring and management, patrol system monitoring and management, and keep you fully informed of the quality of the physical security services you are paying for in the form of detailed monthly reports.

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Security, Quality & Compliance Management

In recent years, performance management by way of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) has become a crucial aspect of many organisations. SLA’s help to clarify each party’s goals, ensuring that agreed service standards are met. For SLA’s to truly work there are two essential rules to be observed.
First, any objectives must be achievable and,
Second, they must be measurable by way of KPI's that are reviewed on a regular basis.

Using our experience in the security industry we provide SLA's to our client with achievable goals that are specific to their needs and the security industry. These are then measured by our inspectorate by conducting onsite visits and monitoring the client's security systems remotely in line with the agreed KPI's. This can be linked to a penalty based system for non-conformance. A contractual financial penalty is linked to the service of the contractor. Points are accumulated depending on the frequency and the severity of non-conformance by the contractor. Detail around the penalty is agreed to by both parties and based on the Contractors KPI's.

Astrosec acts as an independent party to monitor the KPI's and report on the points accumulated. The goal is to improve the service provided with Astrosec working on a monthly retainer and not chasing penalties at the cost of both the client and the contractor.

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