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Specialised Security Services

Licence Plate Recognition

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Astrosec provides state of the art Licence Plate Recognition Systems, that can immediately inform the people that need to know, of suspect vehicles which may be entering premises, or moving in the proximity of vulnerable locations. This enables the authorised agencies to respond and proactively manage criminal intent.

Covert Camera Solutions

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Being able to monitor people when they think no one is watching has proven invaluable to our clients. We provide a complete in-house solution, from supplying and installing the system, to reviewing and reporting on the images.

Scenario Testing

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Any system needs to be tested to ensure its fit for purpose, installed correctly and actively monitored. Our inspectorate is specifically trained and equipped to conduct specific scenario and intrusion testing while ensuring the confidentiality of the results. They are supported by our systems integrations specialists who in turn make sure that the right systems were installed correctly and more importantly setup and configured to your specific needs.

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