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    Risk Management & Consulting

    Astrosec provide skilled consultants who advise and assist the client with regards to their security requirements. Risk assessments will guide the client toward making informed decisions regarding their specific needs, and Astrosec will offer turnkey solutions providing the most appropriate security coverage.

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Risk Management & Consulting

The private security industry is driven by profit. When it comes to quality, the client shares a fair amount of the blame by applying constant cost pressure on service providers. We have found that this has led to a situation where investing in security does not have the desired effect of diminishing crime. In our experience the problem is twofold:
Alarming lack of quality within the security sector. In most cases security contracts are not in place or properly managed, with the high crime rate in South Africa getting the blame for the lack of service delivery.
Resources are being wasted on solutions that are not based on the actual security problems or industry and area specific crime intelligence. Security advice in general is acquired from sales consultants, installers and other "experts" whose knowledge is limited and subjective due to their focus on a specific field of expertise.

So how do we improve security going forward when everything else seems to be going backward?


We provide a management framework by way of monitored Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). We create, manage and maintain a holistic security strategy that will effectively detect, deter and deal with crime and emergencies. We help users create a set of service terms that are controlled independently through onsite inspection and supported remotely from our SAIDSA accredited control centre.

An effective security strategy will have a good balance of appropriate technology, well trained and motivated people, and site specific policies and procedures. These then need to be backed up by auditable reports, systems testing and intelligence.

Our systems and technology empower us to monitor all current security systems while our people are focused on providing professional and objective advice on all disciplines of security, -from strategy to implementation and beyond.


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